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TORONTO, ON, October 22, 2020

Most Canadians do their “serious” business – like online banking and work – using laptops and desktops. Show your computer you care by keeping it safe and secure from cyber threats.

Smartphones may be Canadians’ favourite device in 2020, but the trusty computer isn’t far behind with 85% of us owning at least one. A lot of work is still done on computers and, with the amount of information on them, they’re still a favourite target for criminals trying to steal your identity or hold your information hostage for payment of a ransom. How can you continue to protect against these threats?

1. Create complex passphrases
Complex passwords – using combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols that aren’t easy to guess – are recommended because they’re hard for criminals to crack. But they’re also hard to remember. So consider using a passphrase instead. A passphrase is comprised of four random words that make sense to you but will be hard for criminals to guess. Add numbers and symbols to the passphrase and you’ll be even more secure! Whatever you choose, just remember to keep it secure and use a different password for every site.

2. Avoid phishing scams
Phishing emails are messages designed to look like legitimate communications from authentic senders like your bank or the government. Others can be completely random and are often poorly designed and use bad spelling and grammar. Whoever the sender might be, if they use urgent or threatening language, request sensitive information, or have suspicious attachments, don’t click on any links, reply or forward the email, or open those attachments! If the email looks like it’s coming from a legitimate sender, like your bank or government, try to contact them using the information on their official website and ask them to confirm whether the message is legitimate.

3. Watch out for malware
Malware is the catch-all term for viruses, spyware, ransomware and more that can steal or corrupt the information on your computer. Considering how many messages we get every day, it’s not surprising that 94% of malware is received via email. But that’s just one source out of so many you need to protect against. So install anti-virus software today – it is by far the best way to protect your computer from these threats.

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