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TORONTO, ON, October 29, 2020

Your router is one of your most important internet devices, connecting you to – everything! So show it some love by keeping it secure.

Network devices are the unsung heroes of the internet. Without your router connecting you to the internet, many of the devices you rely on every day wouldn’t be able to function. But it’s because you never think about how important they are that you should take some time this October to make sure your router is secure against cyber threats to your privacy.

1. Keep your router software up to date
Just like your computers and phones, router manufacturers regularly update their software to improve performance and security. Turn on automatic updates if you can so you know that your router is doing its best to protect you and your family while you surf the net.

2. Change any default passwords
Your router usually ships with a pre-set password that’s not usually unique to your device and may not be a strong password. Make sure you change your default password to one using letters, numbers, and symbols or – better yet – use a complex passphrase to ensure no one is accessing your network without your permission.

3. Check the security settings
Just like passwords, routers often ship with default security settings. Go into your router settings and be sure your encryption is set to WPA2-PSK or WPA2-Personal to properly secure your network traffic. If your router doesn’t have these options, you may need to upgrade your router to stay as secure as possible.

This brings us to the end of Cyber Security Awareness Month. We hope that the tips we’ve shared with you have been helpful in keeping your information, and your identity, safe.

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