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TORONTO, ON, October 15, 2020

Like most Canadians, your phone is one of your most important connections to the internet. So this month, show your phone some love by making sure it stays secure.

It may not be a surprise to you, but 89% of Canadians have smart phones. We use them to connect with friends, do our shopping, and just relax with our favourite streaming services. We use them so much, they’ve become a favourite target for criminals to steal our personal information. So what do you need to know about keeping your phone (and your information) safe?

Keep your phone’s OS up to date
Keeping your phone’s operating system (OS) up to date is more than just getting the latest new features. Updates also fix security issues that can be exploited to access your phone and the information on it. Install OS updates whenever you’re prompted or, if it’s an option, choose to install them automatically.

Watch out for phishing scams
Especially “smishing” scams on your phone. Where phishing is a fake email, smishing is a fake text message that looks like it’s from an authentic sender like your bank or the government. Smishing messages will contain a link to take you to a fake website to enter your personal information that will then be used fraudulently. If you receive an unexpected message, or a message from a number you don’t recognize, don’t click on that link! Contact your bank or government using the information on their official website and ask them to confirm whether the message is legitimate.

Use multifactor authentication
Multifactor authentication (MFA) adds another layer of security to the passwords you use to access your important online accounts. With MFA, you are sent a text or asked to access an app on your phone whenever you (or someone else) tries to access your account to prove that it’s you. Even if someone steals your login credentials, they can’t access your account without taking this extra step. So be sure to turn on MFA to get started!

Keep your phone – and your identity – safe with these simple steps!

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