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TORONTO, ON, October 20, 2021

Many of us now work from home at least some of the time. But working from home means taking on some of the responsibilities we used to rely on IT taking care of. Whether we’re working from home or just surfing the web, taking control of our cyber security is something we can all do.

Follow these tips to keep your online traffic and devices secure from cyber threats.

  • Change any default passwords on your network router. Your router usually ships with a pre-set password that’s not unique to your device and may not be a strong password. Change your default password to one using letters, numbers, and symbols or use a complex passphrase to ensure no one is accessing your network without your permission or intercepting your online activity.
  • Keep your router software up to date. Just like your computers and phones, router manufacturers regularly update their software to improve performance and security. Turn on automatic updates if you can so you know that your router is doing its best to protect you while you surf the net.
  • Beware of spear-phishing attempts. Received an email from your boss asking for your banking information? Or an email with a strange attachment from Accounting saying that they’ve made a deposit to your account? If it’s something out of the ordinary, don’t click on any links, reply or forward the email, or open those attachments! If you’re really unsure whether it’s legitimate, call or reach out to the sender in a separate email and ask them to confirm that they sent you that message.

Keeping your network safe and secure benefits your work and everyone at home – so make sure you take action today!

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