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TORONTO, ON, October 8, 2020


Canadians love the internet! Internet connected devices have become an important part of our lives. Every day we use multiple devices for home, school, shopping, and just keeping ourselves entertained. So it’s important to take some time this October to take stock of your devices to keep you cyber secure:

  • Think about the devices you haven’t used in a while – those old phones, laptops, and tablets have a lot of personal information on them that is valuable to identity thieves.
  • Keep track of which devices are connected to the internet and ensure they’re kept up to date and secure.
  • Don’t forget the devices you might not even think of as risky – one casino had their systems hacked through an internet connected fish tank thermostat that wasn’t secured! So be sure to update the privacy settings on your devices.
  • Safely dispose of any devices you no longer want to keep – make sure you erase all of your data before you repurpose, sell, or donate your device for reuse or recycling.

Keeping track of your devices and developing a plan for them is an easy way to keep you and your family cyber secure.

Find out more about ID Assist and how it can help protect you from identity fraud at www.idassist.com.

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