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OnGuard Protect

OnGuard provides 24/7 protection on the loss or theft of your cards, mobile phone, important documents and ATM robbery. Besides helping you avoid being a victim of fraud, it also keeps you protected in an accident and gets assistance to you quickly in an emergency, whether you’re at home or abroad.

OnGuard includes:

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Protection on unauthorized charges on lost or stolen cards
OnGuard protects you against unauthorized charges on your lost or stolen cards, which include credit, debit, cash, prepaid and ATM cards issued by any bank or card issuer, locally or globally.

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ATM robbery protection
If you encounter a robbery at any ATM, OnGuard will reimburse the cash you lost. And it doesn’t matter whether the robbery happens locally or overseas, or which bank the ATM belongs to.

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Mobile phone security
With the OnGuard mobile application, you can back up your contacts and set up various security features. In the event your mobile phone is found, OnGuard will make arrangement for secure pickup and return of your mobile phone at no cost.

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Comprehensive personal accident cover
OnGuard will reimburse your family in the event you encounter an accident resulting in loss of life.

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24/7 phone assistance
Receive help with emergency cash advance and travel arrangements, as well as useful advice in the event you lose your wallet, passport or mobile phone.

OnGuard Income

OnGuard Income helps you protect the things you have worked hard for in your job. OnGuard Income provides Cash Assistance, Career Support in the event of Involuntary and Voluntary Unemployment, as well as keeping you protected 24/7 in the event of an accident whether at home or abroad.

OnGuard Income includes:

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Cash Assistance due to voluntary and involuntary unemployment
You will receive a monthly payout of up to 6 months to help cover immediate needs like household bills, mortgage, school fees – or whatever you need to help you get back on your feet.

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Contribution Waiver
With Contribution Waiver, your Certificate continues to provide you with the same cover as if you are still making your payments for up to 6 months.

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Career Transition Coaching Assistance
We will not only assist you with updated job market skills when you register for Coaching and Counselling but provide outplacement referral services as well. The outplacement referral services will be made to employment or job agencies for a period of up to 90 days when a claim is effected for Cash Assistance due to Unemployment.

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Personal Accident Protection
Receive 24/7 protection for you and your loved ones with coverage against accidental death, disability, and medical expenses incurred due to an accident.