Who Is Sigma Loyalty Group?

Sigma Loyalty Group provides the enhancement services and marketing programs that our clients use to build more loyal and more profitable relationships with their own customers. Leveraging extensive industry experience, a relentless focus on understanding consumer behavior and emerging trends, and a passion for innovation, our company harnesses technology to build products that are meaningful to consumers and add value to our clients’ business.

Our History

While the name may be new, we’re a stronger version of the same company – and same people – that clients have been trusting for decades to provide enhancement services solutions that enrich their own customer offering. In July 2016 we acquired Aimia’s Enhancement Services division – an industry leader with over 40 years of experience building and introducing consumer-responsive products focused on assistance and identity protection. We’ve continued to invest in the growth and future of our company by also acquiring the Enhancement Services division of Finastra, another Canadian market leader in the identity protection space, in June 2020. Combine all of these industry-leading products and innovative digital solutions, throw in a deeply experienced management team that lives and breathes driving innovation in the enhancement services industry, and Sigma Loyalty Group is the result.

Our Approach

Think of us as wholesalers – or the first ‘B’ in ‘B2B2C’. Our clients are leading brands in the financial services, insurance, automotive, telecommunications, and retail industries who have trusted Sigma Loyalty Group to develop added value programs that can be embedded in, and add meaningful value to, their own offerings.
feature-company-2Our company is all about helping our clients achieve their desired business result. Whether clients are looking to enhance customer loyalty, incent changes in consumer behavior, or drive new revenues, Sigma Loyalty Group can help. For some clients, a turnkey, off the shelf solution is ideal, and we offer a portfolio of proven identity theft protection, card protection and reputation management product solutions that millions of consumers around the globe use today on either an inclusive or subscription basis. For others, a more customized solution is required and here we’ll work with clients one on one, leveraging our industry and consumer knowledge, experienced teams and nimble approach to product development to build a unique solution that responds to a specific business need or target customer segment.

Why Sigma Loyalty Group?

Clients trust our proven track record of leveraging a deep understanding of consumer behavior and trends to build meaningful and innovative solutions that are valued by their customers and can be used in their own offerings to drive customer loyalty and deliver new revenue streams.