Our Partners

Part of our success comes from knowing when to build and when to partner, and we’ve partnered with some very impressive industry leaders to deliver a number of our solutions.



Intersections Inc.

Sigma Loyalty Group has partnered with Identity Guard since 2003 to deliver our flagship Credit Alert® Plus program to nearly two million Canadian customers as well as the OnGuard® program launched in 2019.

In 1996, Identity Guard’s founding company Intersections Inc. was one of the first to establish the identity theft protection industry in a colossal effort to help consumers protect their identities.

Identity Guard has evolved to keep up with the quickly changing landscape of identity fraud, addressing the privacy and data protection needs of both individuals and businesses.

Stepping into the future, Identity Guard has teamed up with the world’s most recognizable artificial intelligence, IBM Watson®. Combining Identity Guard’s experience of protecting more than 47 million identities for over 20 years with the cognitive computing of Watson, they are building solutions that will help detect threats more efficiently, provide personalized guidance, and help customers be proactive about their identity protection.


Simpro Solutions

Many of our products include consumer support and Simpro Solutions is our partner for contact center services.

Simpro is a worldwide provider of call center, back office and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services. With offices in Canada, the United States, India, the Philippines, Mexico, South America and Latin America, Simpro truly lives its vision of supporting a world where borders disappear.

With over 2000 seats globally, Simpro offers multilingual support across a wide range of activities including customer care, inbound sales and marketing campaigns, outbound telemarketing campaigns, technical support, Tier-3 network support, cross-sell / up-sell, marketing support, e-mail solutions,monthly billing and back office processing, and application and claims processing.