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Sigma Loyalty Group launches affordable service plans with coverage for your main home systems and appliances

TORONTO ON, August 9, 2018

Canadians work hard to save enough money to purchase a home. Buying a home not only requires a serious financial commitment upfront, but you also have to be prepared to pay for future repairs and upgrades. Between 30% and 40% of appliances and 10% of HVAC systems require repairs in the first five years. These unanticipated repairs can be costly, and it can be overwhelming to find a trusted technician to do the work at a fair rate.

The Care For My Home® 360 home service plan helps guard against the unexpected costs of home ownership. Where many other service plans only cover heating and cooling systems, the Care For My Home 360 Total Plan provides up to $20,000 a year to cover repairs to your heating and cooling systems, major home appliances, electrical systems, as well as emergency plumbing services. Even better, the cost of a Care For My Home 360 plan is comparable to competitive products covering only heating and cooling systems, providing a much better value for the customer.

Another difference is that Care For My Home 360 covers any brand, regardless of age. Many manufacturer warranties only last a few years, leaving you responsible for all repair costs when they expire. Care For My Home 360 can be used to supplement manufacturer warranties or to replace expired ones.

And when one of your covered home appliances or systems breaks down, we don’t send just anyone. Care For My Home 360 repair technicians are pre-screened to ensure you get the service you deserve. Care For My Home 360 subscribers can call us 24 hours a day to schedule an appointment or to deal with an emergency you may have with your major household appliances such as a dishwasher or washing machine, as well as your major systems such as a furnace or air conditioner.

To find out more about Care For My Home 360 and the Total, Appliance, and Systems plans, go to our website at www.careformyhome360.com.

About Sigma Loyalty Group

Sigma Loyalty Group (SLG) provides innovative marketing and enhancement services programs that businesses across industry segments can embed as part of their own product offering to drive customer loyalty and generate additional value from their customer relationships. With a relentless focus on consumer behavior and emerging trends, SLG leverages technology to build solutions that – because they are meaningful and valued by consumers – help clients enrich their own products and programs in order to build deeper and more profitable customer relationships. For more information, please visit www.sigmaloyaltygroup.com.

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