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Sigma Loyalty Group Launches OnGuard Identity Protection Solution

Innovative new identity protection solution helps safeguard personal information online and offline

TORONTO ON, December 19, 2019

Sigma Loyalty Group (SLG) today announced the introduction of OnGuard, a comprehensive online and offline identity protection service. OnGuard, powered by Identity Guard, provides consumers with powerful tools to protect their personal information and helps to restore their identity and good standing with credit grantors if they are victimized.

Worldwide, over 11 million consumer records are compromised every day.1 While identity thieves may begin using some records almost immediately for identity and financial fraud, other records can lay dormant but accessible on the dark web for years waiting for an identity thief to take advantage of them.2 According to a 2017 Javelin strategy and research presentation the amount of fraud committed based on breached data that is 2-6 years old had increased by nearly 400% over 4 years to $3.7B in 2016.3

With OnGuard, consumers now have access to a solution that both prevents identity theft and assists victims. Features include:

  • Dark Web Monitoring which finds data breaches across the internet using a combination of human intelligence (HUMINT), automation, and artificial intelligence by scanning and monitoring the dark web (e.g. forums, marketplaces, private channels), the deep web (e.g. private databases that can’t be accessed using a browser), and the surface internet (e.g. social media posts). Searching against information dating from 2007 to the present, customers are alerted when a match is found to information they have registered on the OnGuard platform so they can take action to protect their personal information from potential misuse.
  • Credit Bureau Authentication and Inquiry Alerts notify customers when their personal information is used to open new credit cards, utility accounts, mobile phone contracts, or other non-credit related service so they can take action before real damage is done to their credit file if such requests were not personally initiated.
  • Browser Extensions and Mobile Apps that help customers proactively guard against phishing attacks, avoid malicious websites and site activity that can compromise their personal information, and ensure their social media accounts are properly secured.
  • Card Cancellation and Replacement for lost or stolen credit cards provides customers with a single point of contact in the event a wallet is stolen, or card information is compromised, simplifying the cancellation/replacement process and allowing customers to focus on other items they may need to replace.
  • Identity Theft Restoration Service for those who do become a victim of identity fraud. Recovering from identity fraud can be a time consuming and cost-intensive process. OnGuard helps alleviate this burden by offering various levels of support depending on customer preference.

“We are excited to launch OnGuard powered by Identity Guard to our customers,” said Serge Rivest, CEO of Sigma Loyalty Group. “OnGuard’s technology platform provides very real benefits to consumers looking for ways to protect their identity and our clients’ reach gets our solution in consumers hands quickly,” he added.

About Sigma Loyalty Group

Sigma Loyalty Group (SLG) provides innovative marketing and enhancement services programs that businesses across industry segments can embed as part of their own product offering to drive customer loyalty and generate additional value from their customer relationships. With a relentless focus on consumer behavior and emerging trends, SLG leverages technology to build solutions that – because they are meaningful and valued by consumers – help clients enrich their own products and programs in order to build deeper and more profitable customer relationships. For more information, please visit www.sigmaloyaltygroup.com.

About Identity Guard

Identity Guard, by Aura, is a proactive identity theft protection service that delivers a premium solution to help busy families and individuals take control over their personal and private information. Trusted by more than 1 million customers, Aura is a technology company dedicated to simplifying digital security for consumers. To learn more, visit www.auracompany.com.




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