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Sigma Loyalty Group Launches LiveSuite Online Portal

TORONTO ON, August 7, 2017

Today Sigma Loyalty Group announces the official launch of the LiveSuite online portal for the promotion and sale of value-added products. LiveSuite has been developed to address a key client consideration in the launch of new value-added products – the integration of these products with their existing online properties and promotion and sale through digital channels. LiveSuite makes this process easier for clients, requiring fewer resources, and increasing speed to market.

Through the LiveSuite portal, Sigma can provide completely client-branded solutions for the online promotion and sale of value-added products. “With LiveSuite, we are able to produce a site that looks and feels like our clients’ own website and provides a seamless customer experience,” says Sigma Loyalty Group CEO, Serge Rivest. “LiveSuite also shaves months off our clients’ typical timelines to bring new products to market by removing their need to build out new content and functionality to support online sales through their flagship websites.”

The LiveSuite portal also benefits Sigma clients with its ability to support the promotion of multiple products through a single website. This allows clients to leverage the shopping behaviour of their customers by presenting multiple product options during a single site visit. As LiveSuite is product-agnostic, it can also be used by Sigma clients to enable the online sale of value-added products from third party vendors lacking e-commerce capabilities.

Rivest added, “We believe our clients want to do more with a partner who can offer new services to help them support their digital marketing mandates. With our expanded capabilities to support online sales through a secure, multi-product platform, we believe we can become that go-to partner for our clients.”

About Sigma Loyalty Group

Sigma Loyalty Group (SLG) provides innovative marketing and enhancement services programs that businesses across industry segments can embed as part of their own product offering to drive customer loyalty and generate additional value from their customer relationships. With a relentless focus on consumer behavior and emerging trends, SLG leverages technology to build solutions that – because they are meaningful and valued by consumers – help clients enrich their own products and programs in order to build deeper and more profitable customer relationships. For more information, please visit www.sigmaloyaltygroup.com.

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