Keeping your family cybersecure

Keeping your family cybersecure
Geoff Thomas
Director, Marketing

With all of our family members spending more time online these days, we all share the responsibility of being cybersecure. While adults may consider themselves cyber-savvy, we also need to think about educating our kids to make sure we’re all contributing to online safety at home.

Help keep your whole family safe by sharing these online security tips.

Only shop on secure websites that you trust. When shopping online, shop on sites that you trust and use HTTPS to protect your personal and payment information. Otherwise, that great deal might cost you more than you bargained for.

Review your passwords. Use strong, unique passwords or passphrases for every site. And using a password manager can help make good password hygiene simple for the whole family.

Don’t share your passwords. As much as we love our family and friends, most fraud victims know the person who victimized them. Keep your passwords to yourself and stay safe.

Cybersecurity may sound scary (or like a lot of work), but everyone in your family can contribute to keeping your personal information yours alone.

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