Consumer Solutions

Sigma Loyalty Group’s industry-leading consumer solutions can be embedded into our clients’ own offerings, providing meaningful value and greater peace of mind for retail customers.

Our broad offering includes solutions that help customers safeguard personal information, monitor credit rating, get help in in the case of identity theft, and access expert assistance for a variety of situations.

Credit Monitoring

Credit Alert® Plus

With access to dual credit bureau data, this platform provides customers with a range of credit monitoring services, including credit report, credit score, and alerts which allow consumers to stay informed of significant changes to the credit bureau file.

Identity Protection

InfoProtector® Plus

A proactive and comprehensive monitoring solution. In the unfortunate event that a phone or wallet is lost or stolen, just one call can help customers get back on their feet as soon as possible and help protect against fraudulent charges.


HomeAdvantage® Plus

A comprehensive national home, auto and health assistance program which provides customers with the peace of mind of knowing that help for virtually any problem around the home is only a phone call away.

Legal Sense®

Legal Sense provides customers with easy and unlimited access to legal advice from qualified lawyers in their jurisdiction. Conversations with lawyers are strictly confidential and fully protected by lawyer-client privilege.

Credit Alert® Plus, InfoProtector® Plus, HomeAdvantage® Plus and Legal Sense® are Sigma Loyalty Group trademarks.