Call Centre Services

For clients looking to outsource call centre services or other business processes, we offer multi-tiered solutions for both B2C and B2B.

We work closely with each client to identify the requirements and then build a customized program to support business objectives. Using our Opti-Shore model that utilizes onshore, offshore, or a hybrid, we offer a cost-effective and managed way for our clients to extend their business capabilities without the risk of heavy investment in infrastructure.

Our Solutions include:

  • Customer care
  • Outbound telemarketing campaigns (B2B and B2C) including retention campaigns
  • Chat/email support
  • Cross sell/up sell campaigns
  • Levels 1 & 2 help desk/technical support
  • Surveys
  • Application processing
  • Credits & collections
  • Interactive Voice Response services
  • Monthly billing and back office processing
  • Marketing/promotional support
  • Tier-3 network/Telco support
  • Appointment setting