Launching new products is often a challenge for clients, requiring significant effort to secure the budgets and resources needed to make the necessary changes to their corporate websites. LiveSuite makes this process easier, requiring fewer resources and increasing speed to market.

LiveSuite client benefits include:

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Fully branded client portal
LiveSuite supports customized branding to produce a site that looks and feels like our clients’ own websites, providing a seamless customer experience.

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Minimal resource requirements
Depending on the desired level of integration into the client’s corporate website, launching an instance of LiveSuite can require significantly fewer resources and less budget than a typical online deployment. LiveSuite can support a range of integration options from single sign-on (SSO) to a fully standalone client solution.

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Flexibility and extensibility
The LiveSuite platform offers flexibility to support the online promotion and sale of Sigma Loyalty Group products or clients’ own third-party products that may be lacking an online sales capability. The platform is also extensible with the ability to support a single product or multiple products within a single platform, maximizing sales opportunities to our clients’ customer bases.

LiveSuite – a secure, multi-product platform to support your digital marketing mandate.

LiveSuite is a trademark of Sigma Loyalty Group Inc.