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Enterprise Solutions


Social media can be challenging and foreign for businesses. socialstraw is designed to help businesses manage their brand, grow their market share, and drive customer loyalty.

Challenges that businesses face when managing their social media include:

  • Not having enough time to run a business and manage their social media accounts
  • Having too many social media accounts to manage, and not knowing which ones will work best for their business
  • Not knowing how to track or analyze social media results and measure return on investment
  • Producing new and relevant content for their business social media properties

With socialstraw, customers are able to:

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Drive Revenue
Our Smart Goals functionality assigns daily social media activity tasks (what to like. post, comment and share), building a social reputation for the business, enhancing brand awareness, and ultimately driving new revenues.

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Improve efficiency
By sharing content across multiple networks, connecting social media platforms to one dashboard and scheduling posts ahead of time.

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Gain new business insight
Simplified reports help businesses track the progress of their social media activities over time. Customers can also gain new insights into their customer demographics and interests.

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Build brand awareness
By posting content recommended by socialstraw, a business can improve brand awareness online and enhance their SEO.

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Save time
socialstraw provides businesses with articles related to their business, which can be posted to multiple social networks at once.

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Manage business reputation
socialstraw provides the means to respond back to customers the minute something is said about their business in order to manage their online reputational risk.

Whether a customer is just getting started with social media or is looking for a platform to manage an existing social media presence, socialstraw helps businesses drive engagement, manage their social media reputation, and grow their business.

socialstraw is a Sigma Loyalty Group trademark.