Home Protection

Home ownership is a big investment and is often a customer’s single most valuable asset. Our Home Protection products offer customers peace of mind in helping them maintain the value of their home and address common home owner concerns.

Our products can provide repairs for key home systems and appliances, access to pre-screened professionals for home renovation and maintenance assistance, auto-related advice and emergency assistance, and many other services to help manage your home.

Care For My Home® 360

Reduce the cost and effort needed to maintain your home with coverage for unexpected home system and appliance repairs and resources to get the most out of home ownership.

HomeAdvantage® Plus

A world of resources for your home, auto, and other precious areas of your life. Depending on your specific needs just one call puts you in touch with pre-screened professionals who are standing by to help.

HomeAdvantage® Plus and Care For My Home® 360 are registered trademarks of Sigma Loyalty Group.