Credit Alert® Plus

Your identity can be the key to your future.

Understanding how your personal information is being used at the credit bureaus is important. It affects your credit score and your ability to secure new credit. But certain changes to your file can also indicate that you have become a victim of identity fraud, just like tens of thousands of Canadians each year. Credit Alert® Plus uses data from BOTH of Canada’s main credit reporting agencies to alert you to changes to your file that can impact on your credit score or may indicate fraud.

Enrollment in Credit Alert Plus includes:

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Identity Alerts
We alert customers promptly if we notice certain changes in their credit file that may impact their credit score or indicate the possibility of identity fraud.

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Comprehensive Credit Report & Updates
Customers have on-the-spot access to their credit report, allowing them to verify the information is accurate and take any required corrective action. They also receive updates every three months to keep on top of important changes to their credit file.

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Monthly Credit Score
Customers receive a monthly credit score and summary to understand the factors impacting their score and how their score compares to the Canadian population.

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Identity Restoration
If a customer becomes a victim of identity fraud, we provide the level of assistance and support they need – they can choose to work through the recovery process on their own, take the support of our expert teams, or allow our Fraud Experts to take on some of the work to restore their identity.

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On The Go
Credit Alert Plus can be accessed online or through our mobile app available on both iOS and Android.

With Credit Alert Plus, customers have a comprehensive set of tools to guard against, and learn about, identity fraud. Customers can also stay “in the know” about their credit score and ensure they know about important changes to their credit file that can indicate potential identity fraud.

Credit Alert® Plus is a federally registered trademark of Intersections Inc.