Identity Protection

Identity Protection


FirstReport is a comprehensive monitoring system that helps safeguard your personal and financial information against fraud. Online identity monitoring watches for the presence of your registered personal information and alerts you if it’s found exposed on the internet. Two-bureau credit bureau monitoring alerts you if someone attempts to use that personal information for financial fraud. This security combination helps to ensure you can take action as soon as possible against the risk of fraud.

FirstReport helps protect your identity with:

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Online Identity Monitoring
FirstReport monitors for the presence of your registered personal information on public, underground, and black market websites that are part of the Dark Web. If we do find your information, alerts will help you take action to reduce the risk of identity and financial fraud.

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Canadian Credit Bureau Monitoring
We monitor both Canadian credit bureaus every day so that no matter when or where suspicious activity occurs, you’ll be notified as soon as possible.

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Comprehensive Credit Report & Updates
Customers have on-the-spot access to their credit report, allowing them to verify the information is accurate and take any required corrective action. They also receive updates every three months to keep on top of important changes to their credit file.

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Monthly Credit Score
Customers receive a monthly credit score and summary to understand the factors impacting their score and how their score compares to the Canadian population.

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Identity Restoration
If a customer becomes a victim of identity fraud, FirstReport provides the level of assistance and support they need – they can choose to work through the recovery process on their own or with the support of our expert team.

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