Identity Protection

Identity Protection

OnGuard® Identity Protection

In today’s world, identity theft is a real and growing concern. We carry around, share, access, and freely give away our sensitive information online every day making it highly vulnerable to identity theft. OnGuard® helps customers detect identity theft sooner by making them aware of where and how their personal information is being used.

OnGuard, powered by Identity Guard®, helps to guard against identity fraud both online and offline:

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Online Identity Monitoring
OnGuard watches for the presence of customers’ registered personal information on public websites, news groups and blogs as well as many black market websites, secret chat rooms and underground forums.

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Financial Identity Monitoring
The customer’s credit bureau file is monitored for new requests to validate their identity and new credit or loan applications so they are aware of certain activities that may indicate fraud happening in your name.

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Identity Alerts
If we find a customer’s personal information online, or detect new identity inquiries or credit applications made in their name at the credit bureau, OnGuard will promptly alert them by email or text so they can act quickly to protect themselves from activity they did not authorize.

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Card Cancellation & Replacement Concierge
Just one call to our representatives is all it takes to cancel and replace all their credit cards in the event they are lost or stolen, at home or abroad, to assist our customers at a stressful time so they can focus on more important matters.

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Identity Restoration
If a customer becomes a victim of identity theft, our identity restoration specialists can help save them time, money and stress by helping them take the necessary steps to report fraudulent activity and restore their identity.

The most effective way to get ahead of identity fraud is to be aware of where and how your personal information is being used – stay ahead of the fraudsters with OnGuard.

OnGuard® is a registered trademark of Sigma Loyalty Group
Identity Guard® is a federally registered trademark of Intersections Inc.