Information Protection

Information Protection

InfoProtector® 360

These days we carry more important information, documents and devices with us everywhere we go. InfoProtector® 360 helps customers safeguard themselves, and all the important things they carry.

With InfoProtector 360, your customers are covered, wherever they go:

Information Protection Icon

Information Protection
Customers can securely register all of their important personal and financial information to help keep it safe and accessible while they are on the go. We will also monitor the internet to track the use of their registered information in public search engines, news groups and blogs, and alert them if there is a hit to help them guard against the fraudulent use of their personal information.

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Mobile Phone Protection
Customers can secure important files and free up valuable space on their mobile phone with 50GB of secure online storage. The Rebound® Mobile Security anti-theft app will also help customers protect their phones with features that work to deter thieves and facilitate the phone’s safe return if lost.

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Travel Protection
InfoProtector 360 provides one-stop access to advance destination information to help customers prepare for their travel and real-time alerts with important information about their travel destination to help keep them informed and safe while they’re away. We also have a number of emergency services available to customers traveling including a cash advance of up to $1,000 and emergency airline tickets to help get them home.

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Card Cancellation & Replacement Concierge
Just one call to our representatives is all it takes to cancel and replace all their credit cards in the event they are lost or stolen, at home or abroad, to assist our customers at a stressful time so they can focus on more important matters.

InfoProtector 360 – helping to protect you, your important information and your assets, wherever you are.

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