Credit Alert® Plus

Good information helps your customers make good decisions.

Most of the big financial decisions an individual will make are impacted by their credit rating. Credit Alert Plus® gives consumers easy and ongoing access to their credit information. Using dual bureau data, Credit Alert Plus monitors consumer credit files and keeps customers up to date on their latest credit score.

Enrollment in Credit Alert Plus includes:

Comprehensive Credit Report
Customers have on-the-spot access to their credit report, allowing them to verify the information is accurate and take any required corrective action.

Monthly Credit Score
Customers receive a monthly credit score and summary.

Quarterly Credit Updates
Every three months, Credit Alert Plus sends a summary of changes to a customer’s credit file.

Customers are instantly alerted to any changes in their credit bureau file.

Education and Resources
Credit Alert Plus provides a number of online and in-app resources, and access to credit education specialists to help with any questions or concerns.

Credit Alert Plus can be accessed online or on the go via a mobile app (available for both IOS® and Android™)

With Credit Alert Plus, customers stay ‘in the know’ about their credit bureau information, allowing them to take the necessary actions to protect and improve their rating and to ensure that no unauthorized activity has occurred. And, with a comprehensive suite of educational tools, customers can learn what they need to do to protect against identity theft.

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