InfoProtector® Plus

We carry a lot of sensitive information around in our wallets and phones.

InfoProtector® Plus helps customers protect their sensitive personal information, and in the unfortunate event that their cards are lost of stolen, can help them get back on their feet quickly.

InfoProtector Plus includes:

Full Service Concierge
Customers can speak directly with a representative who will help them determine whether identity theft has occurred and what they can do to protect themselves. The representative can also help customer work with card issuers to get cards cancelled and re-issued.

Credit Bureau Monitoring
For customers concerned about identity theft due to lost or stolen cards, we offer 6 months free access to Credit Alert Plus so they can track and monitor their credit bureau files and act on unauthorized activity before any fraud occurs.

If a customer is the victim of identity theft, InfoProtector Plus provides several assistance options to help them restore their identity based on their specific situation.

Internet Surveillance
We monitor the internet for signs that registered card numbers are potentially at risk, helping to reduce the risk that a customer will become a victim of fraud or identity theft.

Emergency Cash
If a credit or debit card is lost or stolen while travelling (more than 160 km away from home) up to $1000.00 CDN can be wired to the customer at a nearby location.

InfoProtector Plus – providing your customers with exceptional peace of mind.

InfoProtector® Plus is a Sigma Loyalty Group trademark.